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Owner responsibility

Quite often we are asked questions from residents wondering if certain components in their units are their responsibility to maintain or repair or if it is the corporations responsibility.  
The main rule of thumb would be that anything SPECIFIC to the unit is the owners’ responsibility.  This includes such things as the A/C unit in the bathroom ceiling, the thermostat, zone valve and heating pipes, the isolation valves for the suite and the electrical for the unit including the breakers in the electrical box. 
The corporation is responsible for the larger diameter services whether they are for supplying domestic water or heating water or for drainage as well as the main electrical services.  A situation that comes up every now and then is a plugged sink.  The best way to determine responsibility for this one is whether or not the sink is backing up or is plugged.  By backing up weI mean if the water is coming up the drain without you running water from the tap.  If this occurs it tells us that a building pipe that serves other suites has become plugged and when people above drain their sinks and the water can’t get down the common pipe it takes the next closest exit that being your sink drain.  This situation is usually caused by someone having put something unusual down their sink drain but it will be the corporations responsibility to clear the blockage.  If your sink is simply not draining it is safe to say the majority of the time that the blockage originated from the suite and that it is in a pipe specific to the suite on either side of the wall and as such is the owners responsibility to clear.  Hopefully this explanation and example make things a bit more clear in regards to responsibility but if anyone is still un-clear on a certain aspect feel free to give me a call in the office and we will help out as much as we are able and allowed.