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Resident Parking Policy




RESIDENT:  For the purposes of these rules, a resident is a person who lives in a unit on a full-time or part-time basis.


The following rules and regulation have been established regarding residential parking to ensure all are treated equally. 

v Resident parking is strictly prohibited in the visitor stalls.

v Each unit has exclusive use of 1 assigned stall.

v All vehicles require a parking tag displayed in the front window.

v No items are to be stored in your stall under any circumstances.

v No interior car heaters or warmers of any kind are permitted to be used within the parkade.

v No propane powered vehicles are permitted in the parkade at any time.

v Rental of your assigned stall MUST be registered with the office.  Rental of your parking stall to non-residents is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

v Residents have the authority to tow any vehicle found in their assigned stall.

v All vehicles parked in the parkade MUST have valid insurance and registration.

v No repairs or maintenance are to be undertaken in the parkade.

v All residents are responsible to keep their stalls clean of any and all fluid leaks.

v Motorcycles may be parked in your stall in the parkade.  All motorcycles are required to have a base beneath the kickstand in order to prevent any damage to the stall.

v All residents MUST stop to allow the overhead door to fully close before either continuing on to your assigned stall or exiting the parkade.


Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in fines being issued in accordance with the by-laws.


Created June 26, 2013