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Renovation Policy

Major renovations i.e. moving of walls, new plumbing etc.  MUST be approved by the Board of Directors PRIOR to commencement.  This request should be made IN WRITING clearly OUTLINING the intended alterations.  An approval IN WRITING will be issued.  PLEASE REMEMBER that the Bylaws are very clear with regard to alterations made within a unit and we urge you to be familiar with the restrictions set out.

Any damage that may result from materials or workers involved with the alterations will be the responsibility of the unit owner and any/all charges for repairs or clean up resulting from this work WILL BE CHARGED to the unit owner’s account.  AGAIN, each Owner is responsible for the actions of any contractor bought onto the property by that Owner.  Please make them aware of all the rules i.e.  tools/materials are to be brought in only through the loading dock not the lobby before they start the renovations.

Renovation hours are:  Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm - Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm - No Sundays or Holidays.

Contractors are to be reminded that extended parking in the ramp of the Towers IS PROHIBITED unless approved by the site manager.  This is for loading/unloading only.  Vehicles parked in this area are subject to tagging and towing at the vehicle Owner’s expense.  AGAIN a Bylaw infraction FINE in the amount of $50.00 may be levied by the Corporation against the account for the unit and that amount will be the responsibility of the unit owner.

Construction materials being brought onto the Common Property must be transported in the elevator ONLY after the moving blankets are installed.  The elevator should be booked for the time your contractor expects to arrive with his/her materials and tools and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are these materials to be kept on or about the Common Property.

Contractors are expected to clean up after themselves and any damage or cleaning required to the Common Property will be the responsibility of the unit Owner.

Contractors hired by an Owner/Resident must carry adequate WCB and Liability Insurance Coverage PRIOR to commencing any work in any unit.

Please be aware there is ASBESTOS in our building.   Please refer to SUITE INFO - ASBESTOS.