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Realtor Signage Policy

1.                  Realtors may not place any signage (for sale, lease or rent) on the common property of Hillside Estates except as follows: 

  • up to (3) three temporary signs may be placed about the Hillside Estates common property on days, and at times, on which an open house is in progress. 

2.                  Realtors may place (1) one lock box, at a location approved by the Board. The box must be removed as soon as the property sale concludes and the estoppel certificate is issued. 

3.                  Signs and lock boxes, unlawfully placed at Hillside Estates will be removed by Hillside Estates employees or agents and any charges will be billed to the appropriate Realtor. 


Approved by the Board of Directors

Hillside Estates - June 14, 2004