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Pet Policy

Pets must be pre-approved before entry to the building.  

Pets will only be allowed in accordance with the policy set by the Board of Directors.  Applications for a “Pet Lease” (available in the office) must be made to the office an approval will be given only in accordance with section 3.16 of the Condominium Corporation Bylaws..  Under no circumstances will any large dog breeds be accepted, i.e., Dobermans, Alsatians, St. Bernard’s, Setters, Collies, Pit bulls etc.  Owners will be required to adhere to all regulations of the “Pet Lease”.  

Any owner maintaining a pet without the benefit of a “Pet Lease” will be required to remove the animal from the complex.  An Owner may be requested to remove their pet from the complex, should they fail to comply with the terms outlined in their Pet Lease.

The Board shall not approve more than 2 dogs or cats whose height will not exceed 15 inches at the shoulder, or 3 birds for any one unit.