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Notice Board Policy

Policy Goal: Present accurate and timely information important to owners and residents and reduce the volume of less important notices so that more important information is not missed.

Policy Details:
    1.  All notices include date when first posted.
    2.  If posting regards a particular event (e.g. water shut down), the posting is taken down before the end of the next business day after the event.
    3.  Important notices are also posted on Genie Pad (an online notification for registered owners).
    4.  General information postings should be posted for one week by default, and not more than two weeks without board approval.
    • Goal is to make sure that important notices are not missed.
    • General information can be reposted again later if deemed necessary, but should not be posted indefinitely.
    5.  Private postings....
    • Advertisements requested by Hillside owners/residents regarding their parking space, suite sale/rental, or sale of suites contents are allowed.
             i.    Postings must be provided to the site office.
             ii.   Postings must be no more than 8.5" x 5.5" in size (1/2 page)
             iii.  Postings must be printed on white paper.
    • Not-for-profit community events, can be posted at the discretion of the site manager.
    • No other private or commercial notices will be posted
Hillside Estates Condominium Corporation   January 2014