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Moving policy

All residents moving in or out of Hillside Estates are required to pay a non-refundable $50.00 administration fee payable by cash or cheque to the office.


• Bookings are on a first come first serve basis.

• Available time slots are 9am to 12 noon and 12 noon to 3pm. Monday to Saturday. Note no moves permitted on Sundays or holidays except as approved by the office.

• The elevator will be put in service mode for your move for the allotted time.

• Should the elevator be used for moving in or out without prior scheduling with the office staff, THERE WILL BE A BYLAW INFRACTION FINE LEVIED AGAINST THE ACCOUNT FOR THE UNIT INVOLVED WITH THE MOVE.

BYLAW 4.13: Furniture moving shall be limited to the times established by the Board. The Board in its sole discretion may establish a schedule of permitted moving times so as to cause the least disturbance to the other Owners. Owners should note that they are responsible for the behavior of their tenants and charges will apply to the units account with the responsibility for payment resting with the owner of the unit.

BYLAW 7.3.7: From time to time pass resolutions to regulate, manage, administer and control the use of the Common property including but not restricted to deposits and fees, the hours of use, supervision of, reservations for, security of, privacy and access to the Common property

• Large household items, such as: mattresses, box springs, bedframes, headboards, BBQ’s, sofa, love seats, etc. cannot be placed in/at the garbage bins or in the loading docks. We do monitor these areas 24/7 and will charge any costs associated with having these removed back to your unit.

• In addition to the fines that may be levied, management does have the authority to prevent a move in or out if proper arrangements have not been made and this will be very inconvenient for everyone concerned.

• Absolutely no furniture or appliances are to be moved through the lobby at any time.

Approved by the Board of Directors August 17, 2018