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Fob Policy

The purpose of this policy is to maintain the security and safety of the owners and resident tenants of this property.

A fob is an electronic key used for access to doors in all buildings at Hillside Estates.

·        All fobs are registered to the suite and person holding the fob.

·        In the event the holder moves, or gives their fob to another individual the fob will have access denied until a new resident or current holder registers at the office.

·        Replacement fobs are available for purchase in the office during office hours at a cost of $25.00 per fob.

·        Allowing access to others may result in fines and charges if damages occur.  Anyone who is entitled access to the buildings should have a working fob.

6.2.7 “Make such rules, regulations and policies as it may deem necessary or desirable from time to time in relation to the use, enjoyment and safety of the Common Property

3.2.4   “An owner shall not do or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other occupants.”

·        Management has the authority to suspend access to facilities not required by the resident.

Approved by the Board of Directors October 23, 2017