Frequently asked questions

  1. Important phone numbers -- Hillside estates site office: 780-428-1332 -- After hours emergency: 780-460-0444 
  2. All new residents of hillside estates are asked to register with the site office located in the lobby of the south tower. This will give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves, update your file and answer any questions you may have. 
  3. Insurance is a must for all residents. Owners must have condo insurance, which can cover the upgrades to the suite. Tenants must have a tenants package which can cover their personal property. The above items are not covered by the corporation insurance. 
  4. All moves must be cleared with the office, an elevator booked, and a moving fee paid. We would like at least 72 hours notice. Elevators are on a first come first serve basis. Moves are booked daily between the hours of 9am and 4pm, no Sundays or holidays. 
  5. Extra building fobs and amenities keys may be purchased in the office for a charge of $25.00 each. 
  6. Parking is assigned and your vehicle must be registered with the office. Residents in visitor parking will be tagged and towed. 
  7. There is a garbage chute on each floor which can be used for small bagged items. All other garbage and recycle must be placed in bins in the loading dock to avoid possible clogging of our garbage chutes. 
  8. Renovation hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm, Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm - no Sundays or holidays. 
  9. All renovation materials and large items such as furniture and appliances must be removed from the property. Any debris left in our loading docks or large furniture items in our dumpsters will be removed at your expense and a fine will be levied to your condo account. No exceptions. If you are in need of a contact for garbage or furniture removal please contact the office. 
  10. Please flatten all cardboard boxes for the recycle bin and be aware of what is recycle-able and what is garbage. 
  11. Washers, dryers, and garberators are not permitted in any suite. If you have these appliances they must be removed immediately. Failure to comply will result in fines to your condo account. 
  12. North tower has a 24 hour laundry room located in the basement. South tower has one washer and dryer per floor. These machines operate using a smart card which can be purchased from the site office at the cost of $10.00. 
  13. All pets must be approved by the board of directors before entering the building. Pet leases are available in the office. 
  14. We have a wide variety of amenities that are available for the use of all residents and their guests. Please be courteous - return weights in the gym to their proper place - shower before entering pool or hot tub - food or beverages are not allowed in common areas etc. 
  15. Please call the office to book our Tebelmann lounge for your next meeting or social event. It is located on the main floor of the south tower. Rules and regulations are available upon booking. 
  16. We have a lovely guest suite in our north tower. The fee is $50.00 per night and bookings may be made at the office. 
  17. If you are planning an extended holiday you should arrange to have someone check your suite every 72 hours. 
  18. On occasion the water must be shut off in the building. Notices will be posted on our bulletin boards to advise of the time and date. You may want to arrange for a plumber to do repairs in your suite at this time. Please note shut off valves are in every suite and they should be kept in good working order. 
  19. Balconies are not to be used as storage areas for boxes, tires, garbage, etc. Flower pots are allowed but please remember to hang railing pots to the inside and not over the railing. 
  20. We encourage residents to report any issues of concern to the office. There are incident reports available in both lobbies for your convenience. Please fill one out and deposit it in the mail slot located in the lobby. The mail slot in the north tower is located in the south hallway, first door on your left. In the south tower the slot is located in the office door. All reports must be signed and have a suite number noted. 
  21. Security in our building is only as good as the residents are diligent. Please do not open or hold the door open for anyone you do not know. 
  22. Security is on site from 10 pm till 5 am daily. If you need assistance please call 780-460-0444. 
  23. As set out by our by-laws failure to comply with our rules may result in fines to your condo account.