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posted Jul 16, 2012, 11:45 AM by Hillside Estates Office



July 2012

Latest News!

We hope that you are all enjoying the summer and everything Edmonton, especially Warehouse District, has to offer. In this edition of the newsletter, you will find:

  1. AGM Q&As
  2. South Tower Pool Update
  3. Keep Your Parking Stall Clean!
  4. King of the Drains
  5. Get Notices by Email Notifications!


                                Your Condo Board


Q Why is there peeling on the membrane on the 8th level of the parkade?

A Condensation has caused the top layer of the membrane to debond.  This is not a product issue but rather an application issue.  To avoid this happening in the future the membrane will not be applied late in the fall and will be done when the temperature is warmer.  There is a total of 4 to 5 levels that have to be repaired at the contractor’s cost (no charge to the Condominium Corporation).  The top coat is lifting from the base coats (primer, base coat, wear coat and finish coat).  The lifting is occurring between the base coat and wear coat.  The wear coat and finish coat are to be replaced.  Repairs to membrane will be done when the membrane is applied to levels 11 to 18.  The base coat is sound and will protect the concrete until the area is repaired.  There is nothing wrong with the membrane – lifting is due to condensation or contaminate between layers.  The contractor does not expect future problems.

Q When the quote was done the price was much less, why now is it 2.8 million dollars over budget?

A The original contract was to do 4 levels and the chain dragging was done over the asphalt. Budgets were developed using this information as input. Once the asphalt and membrane were removed as part of the demolition, the delamination of the concrete and rebar was much more severe than what had been estimated when the quote was prepared. The major cost component is the concrete which is based on a unit price and increases in cost is dependent on the volume of concrete required.

AGM Q&A (cont'd)

Q When is floor fourteen (14) scheduled to be done?

A The jack hammering and other noisy work activities are scheduled to be completed by mid July 2012.

Q Until paid will payment stay at $80,000?

A Yes, the Board has negotiated a payment schedule with Redco whereby the Condominium Corporation will pay $80,000 monthly until the total amount has been paid.  No interest charges will apply.  The Board will advise Owners, well in advance of the expiry of the current the Special Assessment which is completed in October 2013, as to how the projected $2.8 million deficiency will be funded.

Q When the Board is aware of a shortfall, why can the Owners not know in advance?

A The Board is considering all of the capital projects, e.g. Elevator Modernization, Boilers, etc., and will review the Parkade Restoration Project deficiency in the context of the total requirements.  The Board’s goal is to provide a 15 to 20 year cash plan when the budget is prepared for next year (December 2012) at the latest.

Q Has the Reserve Fund Report been completed, and will it be sent out?

A Due to cost of printing, a copy of the Reserve Fund Report is not provided to every Owner. A copy is available in the Site Office for review, and you can request a copy from KDM Management.

Q The value of our condominiums is going down?

A The value of condominiums is dependent on the specific unit, e.g. location in the buildings, renovations under-taken, etc.   When marketing the sale of a condo it is important to focus on the benefits of Hillside Estates, e.g. proximity to downtown, view, amenities and the attributes of the condo.

Q  Will there be a break in the Special Assessment after October 2013?

A  The Board is considering various funding options and is doing their best to implement a structure that is financially feasible for all Owners.

South Tower Pool Update

The South Tower pool heater has been broken for several weeks now. Rest assured that our site staff is working hard to find a permanent solution to this issue.

In the mean time, the North Tower Pool is still available for use to all residents.

Q What was the original Quote, and what is it now?

A The original quote for levels 8, 9 10 and 11 was $1.1 million.  The cost of the total project is approximately eight (8) million.

Q What is the life Span once the Parkade is completed?

A  Wade Engineering stated that they are confident that the concrete will reach its normal life span, as long as regular maintenance is performed to avoid corrosion.

Q Why is there such a difference in the amount of concrete being used on each floor?

A It appears that snow, ice and the associated icing salts are the main culprit in the delamination of the concrete and rebar. Many other garages in the city have the same problem.  It appears that the quality of the original concrete and associated amount of aggregate used in the construction of the parkade was not adequate.  The asphalt layer and membrane that was installed in 1992 concealed the problem of corrosion and accelerated the rate of deterioration.  The amount of concrete that has been replaced varies for 35 to 40% on the lower levels to 60 to 70% and sometimes even greater on the higher levels.  The levels that are on grade such as levels 1 and 2 only have minor scaling.

Q Based on levels 8, 9, 10 and 11 you are saying the prediction was not good?

A Correct.  Wade Engineering has periodically revised the budgets based on the experience gained from the levels completed.  It is unfortunate that the units of concrete cannot be accurately estimated until the asphalt and membrane is removed and the acoustic sounding performed.

Q Did we have other bidders?

A Yes four bids were received.   The Board contacted other Condominium Boards who had major parkade restoration projects to gain knowledge on their experiences.  After analyzing all of the quotes, the Board determined that Redco Restoration and Wade Engineering provided the best value and were awarded the contract.  Redco also had prior experience working on our property.

Q What proof do we have on Quality of concrete?

A Each truck-load of concrete that comes in must be tested.  Testing has revealed that the concrete exceeds the standards and specifications required.

Q What warranty is there?

A A five (5) year warranty applies to the membrane/coating, and does not commence until the membrane application has been completed on all levels.  All minor repairs will be done under warranty.

Keep your parking stalls clean!

As part of the parkade renovations, a special membrane will be applied to every level's flooring. This membrane is designed to keep moisture and corrosive agents away from the concrete. This will increase the lifespan of our parkade and prevent the delamination of the concrete that triggered the current repairs.

To ensure that the membrane is not compromised, it is extremely important that all residents stay vigilant and protect this membrane as much as possible. Please be wary of the following damaging elements and keep your stall clean at all times:

  1. Any petroleum based product such as oil grease and fuel; and,
  2. stones and rocks.

Because of the repercussions these elements can have, we have directed to the site staff to enforce our parking stall cleanliness bylaws and to fine residents that are not compliant.

We thank your for your cooperation.

King of the Drains

With a building of the size of Hillside Estates comes a lot of water piping and drains, drains susceptible to clogging.  Clogged drains can cause a lot of damage to your property and your neighbours' as well.

To prevent sewer backups and other drain problems, we would like to remind everyone that only water belongs in the drains: greases and food such as rice must be kept away from drains.

Thanks for keeping our condo safe, clean and fun to live in!

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