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posted Sep 28, 2012, 3:02 PM by Hillside Estates Office




                                                          FALL EDITION                                                     September 2012









            Joan McCollum                   President
                Ingrid Schifer                        Vice President

                Aron Birenbaum                  Treasurer

                Mary Jean Aubin                 Secretary

                Jim Rands                             Director

                Jonathan Lemieux              Director

                Nathaniel Vos                      Privacy Officer


As per our last meeting with the Parkade crew it has been noted that we are on schedule.  If the weather remains this way, we should be completed in the month of October!!!!


1.     Cigarette buttsWe remind everyone once again, if you are a smoker or have guests that are smokers, please ensure that all cigarette butts are extinguished and disposed of properly.  It has been noted that there are a lot of cigarette butts being thrown from balconies and hitting the ground, other residents’ balconies and furniture as well as the awning over the south & north tower entrances.

        Round Low Profile Ashtray

. Condominium Contributions (Fees)

The condominium corporation needs money to meet its financial obligations – paying for insurance premiums, snow removal, grass cutting, repairs to common property, reserve fund, etc.  The main source of income for the corporation is the money paid by the owners in their condominium contributions (often referred to as a condominium fee).  We remind all Residents that as per the Bylaws all fees are due and payable on the first of each calendar month.



In the early 1980’s Alberta Infrastructure embarked on a program of asbestos management.  In a number of cases, enclosure or encapsulation were utilized to provide the necessary control measures.  These methods, while providing protection to the building occupants, allow the known asbestos containing materials to remain in the buildings.  The reason the Board brings this to light is because as we are all aware this building was built during the time that asbestos was in materials being used.  We just want to remind all residents who are doing renovations within your own unit that asbestos are more common in the following places:
- Sprayed on fireproofing to structural columns, beams, joists etc.

- Decorative-acoustic ceiling texture, suspended ceiling tiles and asbestos board used for fire, heat, and mechanical protection, siding and interior panels.
- Insulation on mechanical equipment such as hot water/steam lines, sheet metal air ducts, and steam and hot water vessels and boilers.
- Flooring materials such as vinyl asbestos tiles or as a backing or underlayment beneath sheet vinyl goods.  It is also found in some concrete floor leveling compounds.  So on a short note, as a general rule of thumb if you are going to be doing any renovations within your unit, you should have a sample of any material analyzed by a laboratory to determine whether or not it contains asbestos prior to any disturbance. Your Board of Directors feels that a policy of preventive caution is the only attitude to assume.




We want to remind all residents that the inside of your unit is your responsibility to keep clean and in good order, as per the Corporations Bylaws.  Be reminded that if work has to be conducted within your unit due to negligence on behalf of an owner and/or tenant, the owner will be billed back for the cost of the work.  We have experienced this problem with some pests inside units, and just want to remind everyone of their responsibilities as an owner.






Every condominium corporation has a board of directors elected by the owners to carry out the corporation’s responsibilities.  The bylaws outline how many directors sit on the board, how often they are elected, and if there are any eligibility requirements.
Directors are owners within the Unit who volunteer to take on the responsibility of running the condominium for at least one term.  The board conducts its business by holding regular meetings, usually monthly. The board must report to the owners at annual general meetings or extraordinary general meetings.
Each director has the responsibility to act honestly and in good faith in exercising the power and in discharging the duties of the board.
It is important to remember that the board of directors must make decisions in the best interests of the entire corporation and all the owners, which will sometimes conflict with what individual owners might want to do.

Your Board of Directors is currently working hard to present each owner with an Operating Budget for the 2013 fiscal year, as well as the plan for the short fall on the parkade. Once this has been completed it will go out to all owners.


Questions & Concerns

All requests or complaints must be Written and mailed or faxed directly to KDM Management Inc. at the information below, or dropped off to Rosemary in the office.


KDM Management Inc.

103, 205 Carnegie Drive

St. Albert, Alberta

       T8N 5B2

Phone: 780 - 460 – 0444  (316)  Fax: 780-460-1280

            Attention:  Trina Ryan, A.C.M.

Or e-mail to:


            Assistant: Dana McCullough  (ext 311)











If you are calling with regard to an Emergency in your unit, please remember to leave your Name, Phone Number and Unit Number along with a Brief Description, in order for the on call  person to respond to the emergency accordingly.  Remember to post this number for your reference when needed.

24 hr. EMERGENCY (after hours)





As Agents on behalf of the Board of Directors
KDM Management Inc

Trina Ryan, A.C.M.
Condominium Manager