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Each unit is assigned a regular parking spot in the parkade.  This spot is for the use of Resident owned vehicles only, USE OF THE PARKING GARAGE BY NON-RESIDENTS IS NOT ALLOWED.

We have a parking tag program in place and your parking tag must be visible from your windshield while in the parkade.

Visitor parking is for visitors only.  Please ensure that your visitors are property parked and registered in the Visitor Log Book located in each lobby.
If you would like to change your parking spot please contact the office and you will be added to a list for changes.  Parking only changes in our parkade when a suite is sold, at which point the assigned spot for the unit sold goes back into a "pool" and given to the next person on the waiting list for that type of stall.

PARKING ON THE LOADING DOCK IS NOT PERMITTED.  Use of the Loading Dock is for the convenience of Residents for  loading and/or unloading of groceries, etc.  The time limit for stopping in this area is fifteen minutes except as arranged with the office for moving in or moving out.

The make, model and license number of your vehicle must be registered with the site office.  If you change the vehicle parking in your stall, you must advise the site office.

The Condominium Corporation enforces parking policies.  Non-registered visitors will be tagged and repeat offenders tagged and towed.  Vehicles illegally parked in No Parking areas, Loading Docks or Emergency Vehicle areas will be tagged and towed.

Please never leave a FOB in your vehicle.  All valuables must be removed from your vehicle at all times.