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Smart Card washers and dryers are available to all residents.  These are located in a separate room in the basement level in the North Tower (open 24/7).  In the South Tower, one washer and dryer is available on each floor.  Directions for the use and cleanliness of these areas should be observed as posted.  The equipment is owned and operated by Coinamatic, this firm is responsible for maintaining the equipment.  Coinamatic does not do any scheduled maintenance on the washers or driers so it if you notice a problem please call Coinamatic directly at the phone number on the signs posted in each laundry room. 

Smart cards are available for purchase in the site office at a cost of $10.00 each.  You can load your laundry card with a credit or debit card from machines in each building.  In the south tower this machine is located near the elevators on the basement level.  The site office cannot help with any card or machine problems.  Such issues can only be resolved by contacting Coinamatic at the phone number provided on the back of the card.

Coinamatic website:

Coinamatic 24/7 Service Line: 1-800-561-1972