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Both the North and South Towers have common area facilities and amenities for the use of all building Residents.  All visitors using these facilities must be accompanied by a Resident at all times.  It is an obligation of all Residents to use these facilities in a responsible manner and to ensure that they are not being abused by others.  All children under sixteen years of age should be accompanied by an adult at all times.  All common area facilities are open from 6:00A.M. to 11:00 P.M. daily.

Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi
The swimming pools in each building are located in the basement levels.  A Jacuzzi is located in the South Tower only. For a complete list of rules and regulations, please read the signs posted in the areas.  ALL PERSONS MUST SHOWER BEFORE USING THE POOL OR JACUZZI (please turn Jacuzzi off when done)  Please wipe the shower room floors after use.

Exercise  Room
A completely equipped exercise facility is located in the basement of each Tower.  Please return weights etc. back to their proper place.  When finished in these facilities please turn off the lights.

A co-ed sauna is located in the basement level of the South Tower.  There are two saunas, (one for males and one for females), located in the basement of the North Tower.  REMEMBER THESE ARE DRY ELECTRICAL SAUNAS DO NOT PUT WATER N THEM.  Also when finished, please turn them off and turn off the lights.

Steam Room
A steam room is available in the South Tower for Residents only.  This is located off the exercise room in the basement level.  Please remember when finished turn it off as well as shut the door as the steam is damaging to the ceiling and the walls and may set off the fire alarms.

Games Room
Both the North and South Towers have a billiard room located on the main floor.  The North Tower has a games/multi use room located in a separate room on the same floor.  A large screen television lounge and a small Resident library are located on the main floor of the South Tower.  This television is for the use of every Resident for special sporting events, for example hockey and football games, which are a favourite on the big screen.  IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A YOUR PERSONAL LIVING ROOM

Ping Pong Room
A ping pong/gathering space is available in the North Tower.  This space is available for private functions.  Please check with the office to arrange a booking.