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Tebelmann Lounge

A recreational lounge is located on the main floor of the South Tower.  This lounge contains a small wet bar, microwave, and refrigerator. 

Residents may use the lounge on a casual basis at any time.  The lounge may also be booked for special occasions by pre-arrangement through the office.  In accordance with our bylaws, the lounge is to be used for recreational purposes only.  Meetings of non-profit or charitable organizations may be booked. Proof of the organization’s non-profit or charitable status (i.e. Certificate of Incorporation) must be provided upon request.  The lounge may not be used for business or commercial purposes.

Residents booking the lounge are required to sign a rental agreement,  leave a $250.00 refundable deposit in cash or by cheque with the office.  Deposit is refundable if all rules are adhered to.